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My first YouTube video is online! Before I went to Canada I finally got the chance to film and edit my roomtourvideo. My room has never been so tidy but since I got back it's a total mess again because of all the new things I bought and my laundry. But yeah.. Like 1 year ago I started to change my room a bit (with DIYs and stuff) and this is kinda like a little update. Hope you like it! It would be awesome if you could give me some feedback! Here's the link to my channel -->

 Room DIYs in this video:


I can't believe six weeks are almost over but I'm really looking forward to see my family and my friends again! The time her was/is awesome and I'm sure I'll come back here sometime. I did this DIY a while ago, so this is one of my "prepared posts" while im in Canada although I'm almost back home.
You just need an old shirt, a scissors, textil colors, tape and a brush. The shirt I used had really thight long sleeves, so I cut the sleeves off and cut them in half. Then I sewed them back together to a  short bigger sleeve. But if you already have a shirt with loose sleeves you can actually skip the first 7 steps. Now you have to put the tape on your shirt and fill in the number and the stripes with paint. Let it dry and that's it!


My first impressions from Canada. At the moment we're in Denver, Colorado and yesterday on the 4th of July I've been in a huge outlet shopping center and we saw the awesomest fireworks ever! It's so beautiful here and knowing that everyone else back home has to go to school makes it even better here! :)



I can't believe there are only 3 weeks left until I have to go back to Germany. I'll miss everything and everyone here so midnight swimming, slushees, lunchtime, highschool lockers, long road trips..everything. But one thing I'm definitely not going to miss is my stupid history essay I still haven't finished yet. Deadline is July 1. Keep your fingers crossed! This gorgeous flower crown is from comolaflor and I'm so in love with it! You should definitely check out the shop! They have very cute flower crowns and flower hair bands in all different colors. ♥


Ich bin jetzt seit knapp über  einer Woche in Kanada und habe schon so viel hier erlebt. Vorletzten Sonntag bin ich in Calgary angekommen und bin jetzt mit einer Freundin bei meiner Gastfamilie mitten in der Pampa. Wenn man in dem Ort ist merkt man davon aber so gut wie nix. Hier gibts einfach viel viel coolere Sachen, als da wo ich herkomme. Was mir hier auch besser gefällt ist die Schule. Eigentlich sollte ich ja jetzt erst recht auf Englisch schreiben, aber ich weiß doch wie sehr sich Sammy über deutschen Text ärgert. :D Und die Circle Lenses auf den Bildern sind von . Ich wollte einfach mal wissen wie ich mit ner anderen Augenfarbe aussehe.  Die Kontaktlinsen rein zu kriegen hat ungefähr 3 Stunden gedauert, aber das liegt wohl eher daran, dass ich keine Kontaktlinsenträgerin bin. Wenn man sie eine Weile drin hat gewöhnt man sich auch daran. Habt ihr schon Erfahrungen mit Circle Lenses gemacht? Werde wahrscheinlich wenn ich in 5 Wochen wieder da bin einen ausführlerichen Kanada Post machen.