That cold rainy weather here pisses me off already. I wanna go back to Florida right away! But whatever...at least I still have 2 weeks vacation left filled with awesomeness. My room is basically nothing but a mess, because I'm unpacking my suitcase. I didn't buy a lot of things in Florida but I'm happy about everything I bought though. Especially my minnie mouse ears from Disney World. And I think I probably made Starbucks a bit richer with spending my last few dollars there at the airport. :D



Florida is awesome! I don't wanna leave. The wheather is so nice ..and the beach, and the food, and all the parks. My favourite parks so far were Disney World and Busch Gardens. Because of all the cool trips I can deal with getting up early for the english lessons here, which are by the way pretty easy ( just crosswords and reading ). But also the beachdays at St.Pete Beach are really nice and relaxing.

CANADA TRIP #1 {video}

="text-align: justify;"> Since we're on vacation I have a lot of time to edit videos, like the ones from my trip to Canada for six weeks..actually 5 weeks because we went down to the US for a few days. The 4th of July was amazing but the video snippets from the US aren't in the video cause I wanted to upload a second video...and a third and fourth of Florida. There'll be a lot of travelling videos, haha! Let me know what you think of the video in the comments down below! :-)


necklace - Brandy Melville | earrings - ALDO | ENJOY wood sign - Brandy Melville 
polaroid camera - Urban Outfitters | Snapback - Vans | beauty stuff - Bath & Body Works
Rings - Pacsun | Ying ring - Brandy Melville | boots - H&M

So these are a few things I bought in Canada. I'm so happy with the Brandy Melville sign because it's just so adorable and I'm so glad I finally got a polaroid camera. I still have problems to use it right though. I also bought some clothes and more shoes but they are already packed in my suitcase for Florida. :-)

ROOMTOUR {video} - YouTube

My first YouTube video is online! Before I went to Canada I finally got the chance to film and edit my roomtourvideo. My room has never been so tidy but since I got back it's a total mess again because of all the new things I bought and my laundry. But yeah.. Like 1 year ago I started to change my room a bit (with DIYs and stuff) and this is kinda like a little update. Hope you like it! It would be awesome if you could give me some feedback! Here's the link to my channel --> https://www.youtube.com/user/AniraAny

 Room DIYs in this video: